What is a recently divorced guy do? Change his lifestyle to include playing and teaching Pickleball across the country…of course, why not? It helps that back in the day, I was a teaching pro at a local country club. Winning the state table tennis tournament did not hurt either. Transforming my tennis skills to PB took some adjusting but it’s not like adjusting to something like Rugby. PB is an unexplained sports addiction like no other. It is social and competitive. Most play doubles. I do as well but prefer to add singles to my physical punishment. This explains my daily AM workouts that enable me to play at a competitive level and reason for me being in the best condition of my life. Bic Hauser, owner at Pickleball 360 convinced me to drop the racquet for a paddle and help him develop the company with the other professional player/owners. Oh ya, I do have a life outside of Pickleball. Temporarily living in Minnetonka, Minnesota but looking for another place to put my paddle. My family is in Minnesota, Colorado and Florida. Hmmm…Lakes,Mountains and Ocean-Perfect Trifecta. You can follow me on Pickleball360.com or here at Road Warrior. If you happen to be at one of my tournaments watching or playing, please introduce yourself. You can never have enough good friends!

Business Development/Player for Pickleball 360. You can find my boring business back round on LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonwiens/